In the Stacks

A wet and bare-chested man with well-toned abs has his hands on his thighs with a woman's hands in his pockets, with the words "In the Stacks" above his jeans button and the name "C. Solet" at the bottom of the image
A Shelbi and Sawyers Story

Tall, well-endowed Shelbi wants nothing more than to finish working on her novel in the stacks of the local library.

But Sawyers, the stranger in the next cubby who only wants to flirt, seems to have other ideas.

The library is closing in just 20 minutes. Does Shelbi think Sawyers is nearly as attractive as he thinks he is and is there time to take care of the burning between her thighs before they’re locked in the stacks?

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Author: C. Solet

C. Solet is a hopeless romantic with a lusty streak, quick to both fall in love and to forgive. She writes the characters she wants to be; the ones not afraid to face their fears to get what they want. She is driven to share her fantasies, pushing them into other people's brains, hoping they can enjoy them as much as she does. She also suspects she may have been named after something that appeared on a billboard that one time.