Spending the Day

A woman in her underwear and long dark hair unbuckles the belt of a shirtless man, a taupe bar at the top with the words "Spending the Day", and a taupe bar at the bottom with the words "by C. Solet"
A Marisa & Buchanan Story

Marisa Kellow had no idea her friend was that hot in bed. Well, almost a bed. Her ex-boyfriend took hers, and sex on Buchanan’s air mattress isn’t going to cut it for long.

But Buchanan has better ideas than shopping for furniture, like testing the furniture.

And pushing the boundaries of acceptable behavior in public.

Buchanan is in control, and Marisa loves it. But will she enjoy it when he introduces her to a sexual kink she never considered while they’re spending the day together?

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Author: C. Solet

C. Solet is a hopeless romantic with a lusty streak, quick to both fall in love and to forgive. She writes the characters she wants to be; the ones not afraid to face their fears to get what they want. She is driven to share her fantasies, pushing them into other people's brains, hoping they can enjoy them as much as she does. She also suspects she may have been named after something that appeared on a billboard that one time.