Spending the Night

Spending the Night, woman's back and panty-covered butt, man's foot and arms reaching for her chest, grey bar at top with the words "Spending the Night", and grey bar at bottom with the words "by C. Solet"
A Marisa & Buchanan Story

Marisa’s apartment had never been so clean!
Then again, all her things were missing, taken by her cheating, lying, scumbag of an ex-boyfriend.

Without even a bed to her name, she welcomes an old friend to crash at her place for the night. Buchanan is adamant she share his air mattress, and she’s too tired to argue.

But sleeping wasn’t in his plan, which involves significantly less clothing (and a little bit of kink). Buchanan knows what he wants; he’s not afraid to tell Marisa what to do to make him happy. And she’s more than willing to accommodate his requests while he’s spending the night.

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Author: C. Solet

C. Solet is a hopeless romantic with a lusty streak, quick to both fall in love and to forgive. She writes the characters she wants to be; the ones not afraid to face their fears to get what they want. She is driven to share her fantasies, pushing them into other people's brains, hoping they can enjoy them as much as she does. She also suspects she may have been named after something that appeared on a billboard that one time.